Holistic Agroforestry Workshop


Participants will gain knowledge in

  • Syntropic principles
  • Consortiums & regional relevant examples
  • Biomass & support species suited to our climate
  • Holistic methods surrounding increased fertility
  • Maximising water harvesting on small and large scale
  • Animal integration within an Agroforestry system
  • Maximising the use of local, reliable and cheap resource to improve your system.

What to bring:

Enclosed shoes, hat, lunch (light refreshments provided) cash for plant sale.

Duration: 8:30am to 4pm



With food security & community resilience on everyone’s radar, there is no better time to delve into the principles and methods of Holistic Agroforestry.

Over the course of this 1 day workshop you will visit two different properties situated just 5 mins apart. First up, a theory based morning at Oak Hill Flora Farm, a lifestyle property with a 250m2 productive Agroforestry system which uses Syntropic principles to accelerate a young system in a harsh microclimate.

We will then move to Bloomfield’s Homestead for lunch & an afternoon filled with hands on practical experience creating a fresh Syntropic based row. This practical and hands on approach will leave you feeling confident to take this information home to your own garden.

This workshop represents the collective experience, research and intuitive learnings of two properties where poor soil & low rainfall stop many from fufilling their dreams of growing nutrient dense food.

Let us arm you with the tools and knowledge needed to start your Agroforestry journey.



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