Planting the Seed of Empowerment

Thanks for visiting Bloomfield’s Homestead! We are Doreen and Jamie, this is where we like to document our journey to transition from a consumer rat race to a sustainable life. We have a deep longing to live simply alongside nature and be self-reliant. We started documenting our journey so that we can help others who wish to pursue a similar lifestyle.


Bloomfield’s Homestead

Bloomfield’s Homestead is an active permaculture design property. Follow our journey to a more self-sufficient life. We bought 5 acres in March 2016 and have turned it into a food paradise.

  • Bloomfields homestead
  • Bloomfields homestead
  • Bloomfield's Homestead

Events & Workshops

We host a range of events and workshops around Greater South Brisbane.

Join us to learn more about topics such as hugelkultur, water scaping, building wicking beds and so much more!

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Volunteer and learn with us!

Our volunteer mornings are designed to teach you sustainable growing methods and bring together like-minded people. We provide lunch and a chance to see our gardens, animals and grow systems. We host these volunteer mornings ever few weeks. Come and meet our passionate group.


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