Permaculture Consulting and Design


The Homestead

Bloomfield’s Homestead is a 5-acre Land for Wildlife property in Jimboomba. The area, known to be in a “rain shadow”, receives a lot less average annual rainfall than the greater Brisbane region. We’re implementing a permaculture design whilst still working full-time jobs, with the aim to be off grid and more self-sufficient. Different regenerative planning and management techniques are applied.

There is an abundance of native trees and shrubs now compared to when we moved in, in March 2016. Different perennial growing systems, water harvesting earthworks, zero waste nursery/worm farm, a grey water garden, and wicking beds have been implemented. We also raise and harvest on-site our own ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and pigs, and utilise hot and cold smokers. On the property are several native and European honeybee hives.

We run different workshops on the topic of self-sufficiency, facilitate external workshops and provide food growing one on one coaching and property consultations.

The Team

Doreen Jachmann

Doreen grew up in a small village south of Berlin in former communist East Germany.

It was common practice that people would have a food garden and raise animals for milk, eggs and meat.

From an early age she started to grow fruit and vegetables and take up a quarter of her parents 1000sqm property and created an ecologically well functioning food garden that had many medicinal flowers integrated with the food producing crops.

During her early teenage years she volunteered at the locally renowned Saxdorfer Pfarrgarten, where she furthered her study on plants and garden techniques.

Doreen has gained formal education in Environmental Monitoring of Soil and Water and achieved a Bachelor in Horticulture as well as completed a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and has completed various other courses.

Jamie Bloomfield

Jamie grew up in the south island of New Zealand and moved to Brisbane in 2008.

He has got a passion for the arts, plays several instruments and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, creating new culinary creations with home grown organic produce.

He is the builder and artist of Bloomfield’s Homestead. Almost all the infrastructure on the property has been designed and built by him.

Jamie has a particular interest in growing bush foods and finding ways to use them in cooking